Clinton Fund

Re "Defense Fund Is Set Up to Help Pay Clintons' Legal Bills," June 29:

Having just tiredly driven home from my 12-hour shift as an emergency physician in a high-volume, high-acuity inner-city hospital, where I am paid $17 to $20 for every patient that I care for, I was greeted by your story that the President of the United States cannot afford an attorney to defend himself.

I find it ironic that for the present Administration, the overriding problem in this country is the "un-affordability of health care" and "all those greedy doctors."

As Hillary Clinton's task force on health reform included not a single physician, may I today offer my services on the task force to look into ways to make legal services freely available to all Americans--including the President.


Santa Barbara

* The latest flap over the defense fund is in keeping with Clinton's arrested adolescent behavior. People have been picking up after him for years. Of course, one who wants to have credit on his income tax for used shorts needs the help. We need a responsible adult in the White House.


Palos Verdes Estates

* With the Clintons' horrific expenses, caused by a well-managed campaign of vitriol, against all these absurd suits thrown at them, may I ask who is paying the bills for Paula Jones' complaint? She, too, has to pay lawyers, and since she had no great amount of money, if any at all, someone is paying her bills to harass the Clintons. Must those people, who obviously are not Democrats, stay unnamed?



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