PICO RIVERA : City Employees Will Get 5% Pay Increase

City employees will receive a 5% salary increase for the first time in three years in the 1994-95 budget passed by the City Council last week.

But for the fourth year, no funds were allocated for residential street repairs. And $150,000 will be cut from parks and recreation services, meaning staff will work shorter hours at local parks.

The $22.7-million budget provides $5.2 million for services from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. It pays for 38 deputies, including two motorcycle officers who began patrolling last March. The budget for last fiscal year provided $5 million for police services.

One-third of the $14.6-million general fund goes to police services, said Vice Mayor Garth G. Gardner. "There isn't a lot left," he said. "We're a poor city."

Street repairs are usually financed by gasoline taxes, which have been diverted into the general fund. Federal funds are available for work on thoroughfares, but the city needs $6.6 million for repairs on smaller streets, officials said.

Four unfilled full-time city jobs have been slashed.

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