TV Hall of Fame

I had the pleasure of reading Robert Koehler's review "TV Hall of Fame: It's the Presenters' Show" (June 25), and it certainly hit the mark re the deterioration of the Television Academy Hall of Fame. Having once served a term on the selection committee, I'm not surprised by the declining quality of the nomination process.

As one who started in television in 1947, I discovered that the current batch of committee members too often were simply unaware of great names of the past who have never been honored.

My experience was one of disappointment at the speed with which the nominees were whittled down to the six required and the general lack of thorough discussion about qualifications.

I see no necessity to select new members every year--the selection process should be far more thorough--unless, of course, the idea is not to honor those who make major contributions as much as to get six names for a show.

DAVID LEVY, President

Wilshire Productions

Beverly Hills

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