The Wrong Way to Preserve History

* How is it that Mark Petracca so frequently uses his considerable talents for such trivial objectives--in the latest case, the preservation of "historic buildings" of the Buffalo Ranch (Letters , July 3). Moreover, his objectives are generally, if not consistently, at odds with conservative principles as envisioned by our founding fathers.

In this instance, he proposes that local government dictate what the Irvine Co. (one of his favorite targets) should do with its private property without compensation whatsoever. Historical societies, such as the one Petracca supports in his letter, always presume to speak for the community, and always at the expense of individual property rights. If historical buildings or sites are of such value to the community, they should be purchased with the public purse. Such a thought never occurs to liberals as they seek nirvana through government fiat, while in the same breath lamenting the failure of government.



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