Crime Bill

* On July 16, I read in The Times that an Orange County attorney had to return millions of dollars which he obtained illegally from his clients, that lawyers were overcharging their customers thousands and thousands of dollars, that a UCLA booster profiteered by reselling Rose Bowl tickets and earning $400,000, and that the board of directors of the L.A. Department of Water and Power spent $60,000 for food for themselves during the last strike.

Who says that we are not in the middle of crime wave? Congress should pass the crime bill as soon as possible.


South Laguna

* If we blacks are really serious about making our communities safer for our kids, then we should shout at the top of our lungs: Damned the "hamstringing" of the pending crime bill with racial statistics on capital punishment! Full speed ahead on the passage of a tough anti-crime bill!

After all, aren't our kids the ones that suffer the most from our current policy of coddling violent criminals.


Los Angeles

* Before a "racial justice" provision in the crime bill is considered, a "racial crime" study should be undertaken. And speaking of crime, don't our budget crafters have things backward--more money for crime, less money for education? It's a vicious circle.


Sun City

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