SIGNAL HILL : Council Raises Water Rates a Second Time

The City Council has approved a water-rate increase for Signal Hill residents--the second in six months--to cover higher costs from suppliers, adding employees and decreasing the city's water debt, officials said.

The 16% increase, set to begin in August, will raise about $200,000 a year and cost the average homeowner an additional $3.62 per month, public works director Richard P. Lundahl said.

In December, the council raised Signal Hill water fees by 17%.

Most of the money will be used to eliminate the city's $400,000 water debt over the next five years, Lundahl said. Previously, city officials had subsidized water operations from the general fund.

The council is scheduled to decide Aug. 2 whether to levy the city's first sewer fee. If the proposal is accepted, it will add $5.20 a month to the average homeowner's water bill.

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