George Putnam

What a pleasure to hear it told "like it is"! I'm referring to the insightful and enjoyable interview with George Putnam, ("I Broadcast in My Spare Time," July 21).

I remember sitting (probably too close!) to our tiny Emerson TV and listening intently to the dulcet tones of newscasters such as Putnam and Baxter Ward. And now I really miss them. These guys were no-nonsense reporters .

Putnam is so right when he decries the million-dollar anchors. Can they remember the copy they'd just read? No! Did they write it? No! It is a shame that banter that masquerades as insight is simply more text on the TelePrompTer.

Let's have more articles and interviews with real television journalists. How 'bout Ralph Story, Baxter Ward and Joseph Benti, to name a few.

JON C. MERRITT, Los Angeles

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