In Brief

* * * * "Up at Minton's," Stanley Turrentine, Blue Note. This two-CD set, recorded in 1961 at the famed Harlem jazz spot, documents a jazz style that, sadly, is rapidly disappearing. Turrentine, who grew up revering Don Byas and Earl Bostic and then went on to play with Max Roach, incorporates the complexities of be-bop, the assured drive of swing and the comfort and familiarity of the blues into a singular approach. This music cooks. Turrentine, guitarist Grant Green, pianist Horace Parlan and their rhythm team investigate "Broadway" and "Love for Sale" at brisk paces, their resilient and accessible statements flowing like a river: smooth and relaxed here, charged and forceful there. The slower tunes--"Come Rain or Come Shine," among them--are equally compelling. Albums are rated on a scale of one star (poor), two stars (fair), three stars (good, recommended), four stars (excellent). Five-star ratings are reserved for classic reissues.

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