Noble Pursuits


There's a good chance that in the next six months the Universal Amphitheater will host the two most estranged members of the British royal family.

Although it hasn't been finalized yet, it is being proposed that Prince Charles be guest of honor at a Prince's Trust Concert as part of the UKLA festival.

In the past, these have been benefit pop concerts that feature American and British artists. Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Phil Collins and Dire Straits have performed. Funds raised aid disadvantaged youth. This would be the first Prince's Trust Concert held in the United States.

A spokesperson for the British consulate confirmed that the concert, tentatively set for the first week of November, has been proposed, "but nothing has been firmly set with (Prince Charles') office in London. We hope to hear very soon."

AIDS Project Los Angeles is hoping to get Diana, Princess of Wales as an honoree for its Jan. 19 Commitment to Life benefit concert. An APLA board member confirmed they'd like to honor the princess and Elton John, although neither has accepted.


Mane Tales: No less an authority on bad hair days than Tammy Faye Baker has been quoted as saying the thoroughbreds' favorite horse shampoo, Mane 'N Tail, is her "most recent discovery."

The big-hair evangelist said: "My hair has never been so shiny."

Just for the record, we checked on horse hair products with trendy Beverly Hills hairdresser Juan Juan. The European-born hair cutter wasn't familiar with Mane 'N Tail but had heard of Tammy Faye: "She's the one with the fluffy hair, lots of makeup and her husband took the money and went to jail, right?"


The Kato Watch: Look for Brian (Kato) Kaelin to be the Where's Waldo of the O.J. Simpson case.

The SAW (ski instructor/actor/whatever) is beginning to pop up in the most unexpected places. As an example, in the August issue of In Style magazine in the lead photo from June's Pediatric AIDS fund-raiser, Kaelin is clearly visible in the background behind Danny DeVito.

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