Countywide : Tips on Vehicle Theft Prevention Given

As part of California’s second annual Vehicle Theft Prevention Week next week, Orange County law enforcement agencies will remind people to avoid becoming easy targets for thieves or carjackers while parking or driving.

The main precaution drivers can take, said California Highway Patrol spokesman Bruce Lian, is to park in a safe place, roll up the windows and lock all the doors. Lian suggested looking for a well-lighted space and parking away from the exits of large parking lots.

Other good safety measures, he added, are to pay attention to the people who are near the parking space and to use some sort of burglar device, such as an alarm or steering-wheel locking bar.

The Highway Patrol also says that would-be carjackers can be thwarted if drivers keep all their doors locked.


Lian said 20,214 cars were stolen in the county last year. Throughout the state, 313,804 cars were stolen.

Drivers are encouraged to etch their car’s vehicle identification number into a flat surface of the car, a tactic that helps law enforcement agencies track stolen cars.