Stand by Your Pun

Diane Pfeifer dedicates “Stand by Your Pan Country Cookbook” (Strawberry Patch, Atlanta: 1994) to her husband and daughter “for enduring my endless puns,” and we soon know why; the former Nashville songwriter and backup singer is a positively giddy punstress, who has given every recipe in the book a name based on a C&W; hit: e.g., “I Fall to Peaches,” “Have You Navy Bean Mellow?,” “All My Eggs-es Live in Texas.” A number of names came to her before their recipes, and she even lists 70-odd she couldn’t think of a way to use (“Rind-Scone Cowboy” would seem to pose a challenge). However, the recipes--all, by the way, vegetarian--aren’t necessarily as corny as they sound; “Oh Lonesome Brie” is a fettuccine salad with Brie, sun-dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, basil and garlic. In bookstores, or call (800) 875-7242.

Straight or With Bubbles?

Cappio brand canned coffee is already in the supermarkets, and Coke plans to bring out ready-to-drink coffee products over the next year and a half in conjunction with Nestle. Now PepsiCo is talking to the coffee-roaster Starbucks about a joint venture.

Be Happy, Eat Garlic


So there are all these reports about garlic (even garlic powder) lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and fighting antioxidants and tumor growth. Now French researchers say it can normalize malfunction of the brain’s serotonin system, a cause of depression.

Liquidity in Dry Creek Valley

Lambert Bridge Winery, located in the Dry Creek Valley area of Sonoma County, has announced that it is pleased to become the first winery to accept ATM cards in its tasting room.

A Great Leap for Shortening


This month Crisco is introducing the most sensible development in vegetable shortening since . . . well, since shortening: shortening in sticks, like sticks of butter. That’s going to make measuring 1/3 cup of shortening a lot easier. (P.S.: A label reminds on each stick you it’s not intended as a spread--advice that’s particularly needed for butter-flavored Crisco Sticks.)