RAMS : Ram Cornerbacks Drawing Interest

The Pittsburgh Steelers will have a scout at Saturday night’s Ram-Patriot exhibition game to look over Ram cornerbacks.

The Steelers lack a solid No. 3 cornerback and the Rams appear overloaded at the position with Darryl Henley, Robert Bailey, Terry Taylor and Wymon Henderson supporting starters’ Todd Lyght and Steve Israel.

The Rams’ defensive coaching staff might find it difficult to part with a corner because of their experiences last year when a rash of injuries left them playing with guys off the street.

However, the team’s front office is looking ahead to the final cut to 53, and its ramifications on the salary cap.


The Rams are also trying to deal a veteran wide receiver and a running back. Veteran wide receivers’ Jessie Hester and Greg McMurtry are long shots to make the final roster. Veteran Nate Lewis, who is currently working as a starter and who is one of the better paid players on offense, might have trouble holding his spot with the emergence of Isaac Bruce, the team’s second-round draft pick.

The team is known to be disappointed in the play of running back James Bostic, a third-round pick this year from Auburn, and does not expect to have room on its roster for running back Howard Griffith.

Cleveland Gary, who was the subject of trade talks a year ago, is not expected to be on the market this exhibition season. Although Johnny Bailey has emerged as the favorite to be the team’s third-down running back, Gary’s first- and second-down services are required as insurance because of the team’s overwhelming reliance on Jerome Bettis.