Pair of Hikers Missing for 2 Days Found in Good Condition

Search and rescue teams from the Los Angeles and San Bernardino county sheriffs’ departments located two hikers Saturday who had been missing for two days in the Wrightwood area of Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies said rescue workers used four helicopters to locate Jason Anderson, 24, and Micah Willmott, 14, both of Victorville. The pair were spotted walking in the San Gabriel River bed about 12:30 p.m.

The hikers were tired, sore and hungry, but otherwise in apparently good condition, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy D.J. Saenz.

However, as a precaution, they were taken by helicopter to the Mountain High Ski Area in Wrightwood to be examined by paramedics.


“As I understand it, Mr. Anderson was extremely proficient in survival training,” Saenz said.

“We had that information going into the search, which made us feel a little better,” he added. “How many times have we gone out on searches like this where people had no knowledge of what they were getting into?”

A relative of one of the hikers reported them missing Friday morning after they failed to return Thursday evening as planned.