LAGUNA NIGUEL : Graffiti Vandals Hit Fast-Food Restaurant

In the third incident in three days involving South County fast-food restaurants, a Carl’s Jr. outlet has been vandalized by “taggers” who spray-painted the words “Meat Is Murder” on an outside wall.

The graffiti vandals struck at the Carl’s Jr. at the intersection of Aliso Creek and La Paz roads early Tuesday, before employees showed up for work at 5 a.m., Police Services Chief Joe Davis said.

The workers were greeted by large, bright-red letters forming anti-meat slogans such as “Animal Killers.”

Early Sunday morning, two McDonald’s restaurants, one in Mission Viejo and one on Street of the Golden Lantern in Laguna Niguel, had been hit by vandals who also painted animal rights slogans.


Gary Wiles, owner of the Laguna Niguel Carl’s Jr., said the graffiti was painted over.

“It’s a frustrating experience,” said Wiles, who would not give the monetary amount of the damage. “I don’t want to give them the time of day. Just clean it up and move on.”