Taco Bell to Issue Videotape Coupons : Marketing: Fast-food customers will receive a certificate for a free Blockbuster movie when they rent another tape at the regular price.


Taco Bell customers will receive coupons for free Blockbuster video rentals under a joint promotion that the companies announced Friday.

A customer who buys any Taco Bell food item and a medium drink will get a coupon good for a second Blockbuster Video movie free with a video rental at the regular price.

The promotion comes as fast-food companies are increasingly becoming involved in the video business.

McDonald’s, for instance, has become one of the nation’s leading video sales outlets by offering hit movies on videocassette at discounted costs.


Taco Bell’s promotional deal, which starts Monday, is scheduled to run to Sept. 25.

The promotion “is in response to nationwide Taco Bell market research that told us customers want both great-tasting, value-priced food and video entertainment,” said Len Moskovits, a Taco Bell vice president.

The promotion is the largest of its kind for Blockbuster, which with 3,750 stores is the nation’s top video rental chain.

About 45 million coupons, redeemable through Oct. 16, are expected to be distributed.


The coupons will be promoted by a $12-million Taco Bell advertising campaign, including a TV commercial.

Irvine-based Taco Bell, a unit of soft-drink giant Pepsico Inc., is the nation’s leading Mexican-style fast-food chain.