Dig Into Catalogues for Scoop

Although nurseries are beginning to carry an astonishing array of seed packets, some gardeners still prefer to do at least some of their seed shopping by catalogue.

Debra Raeber of Laguna Beach is one of those gardeners.

“Old-fashioned seed catalogues were opinionated and full of information--recipes, gardening advice, folklore, philosophy, even poetry--and some of the newer catalogues are returning to that. And those are the ones I like.”

One of Raeber’s favorite catalogues is Shepherd’s Garden Seeds. “The descriptions are so wonderful (company founder Rene Shepherd still writes all of them), you want everything.”


Another is Seeds of Change. “They’ve got unusual plants, but they’ve also got all of these intriguing articles by scientists about subjects like biodiversity. Their catalogue is almost like a textbook.”

Vegetable grower Ralph Barton of Brea likes Nichols Garden Nursery. “There’s nothing fancy about their catalogue, but year after year it’s got the things I want.”

He also likes J.L. Hudson Seedsman for its heirloom varieties.

Herb fancier Chris Franzen of Tustin also likes Nichols, but two other company catalogues tempt her now, too.


“I just received my first Richters Herb Catalog, and it’s wonderful--great color photos and lots of information.

“Companion Plants is another neat one. Very simple. No photos, just descriptions. But very appealing somehow.”


Shepherd’s Garden Seeds


30 Irene St.

Torrington, CN 06790

Seeds of Change

P.O. Box 15700


Santa Fe, NM 87506-5700

Nichols Garden Nursery

1190 N. Pacific Highway

Albany, OR 97321-4598


J.L. Hudson Seedsman

P.O. Box 1058

Redwood City, CA 94064

Companion Plants


7247 N. Coolville Ridge Road

Athens, Ohio 45701

Richters Herb Catalog

Goodwood, Ontario, Canada