LOS ANGELES : 8 Arrested in Attack on Couple and Their Rescuers

Police arrested eight gang members in an investigation of an attack on a homeless couple and on the sanitation workers who intervened.

Sixty officers raided the homes and hangouts of 14 gang members. Authorities said they are searching for six others who allegedly participated in the incident in North Hollywood.

The Aug. 16 attack began when gang members robbed Michael and Susie Hosmun, then beat them because they had only $7, police said.

Workers from the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation maintenance yard across the street saw the attack and yelled at the gang members. As the couple ran for safety, the gang members attacked the workers with knives, bottles and rocks, police said.


City employee Glenn Atkinson was hit in the head with a rock and had surgery to remove skull fragments from his brain, said Police Sgt. Richard Thomas.

Jose Reynoso, a Federal Emergency Management Agency worker, was stabbed in the abdomen and was treated at a hospital. Other city workers suffered minor injuries.