OJAI : Volunteers Sought for School Activities

The Ojai Unified School District is seeking adults and teen-agers to help with tutoring and other student activities, said Supt. Andrew Smidt.

Volunteers will serve as role models and academic tutors, lead small-group homework clubs, work as lunchtime supervisors, and drive students to outside services, he said.

The program, called “The OK’S” (Ojai Kids’ Supporters), will start as a pilot project in October at Meiners Oaks Elementary School. Volunteers will be asked to spend two hours a week or more and will receive six hours of training at Meiners Oaks Elementary.

After three consecutive years of no increases in state funding, Smidt said, the Ojai school district needs volunteers more than ever.


“The condition of school finance doesn’t allow us to offer all of the programs we consider important unless there is volunteer support from the community,” Smidt said. “All of the research indicates that schools are more effective when there is a strong involvement of both parents and the community.”

Volunteers don’t have to have school-age children, Smidt said.

“We’ve done this before,” he said. “The difference here is that we are inviting more community members who may not have kids in school to participate.”