VENTURA : Harbor to Get Police Storefront Station

The Ventura Harbor area will get a new storefront police station, according to an agreement between the City Council and the Ventura Port District.

Police presence at the harbor began this summer as a three-month experiment, Port District General Manager Richard W. Parsons said.

“We all felt it worked,” Parsons said. “They were just able to head off an awful lot of problems before they even developed.”

Chief Richard D. Thomas of the Ventura Police Department said the summer experiment was successful, resulting in 18 arrests in one month and greater safety in the harbor and surrounding residential neighborhoods.


The council approved the agreement unanimously Monday night.

The Port District will pay the city $67,992 per year for the officer, in addition to providing free office space.

The storefront police station will occupy a site that had been used for storage. It is still unfinished and will probably open in a month or two, Parsons said.