Child Support Poster Targets 12 Parents

A dozen parents who collectively owe nearly $800,000 in back payments for child support are pictured on a “most wanted” poster that has been released by the Ventura County district attorney’s office.

Since the annual “deadbeat parents” posters were first released in 1988, they have helped authorities locate and arrest 22 parents, Special Assistant Dist. Atty. Donald D. Coleman said.

The posters will be displayed in public buildings throughout the county and in businesses and recreational areas, Coleman said.

Coleman said the parents listed on the poster are:


* Larry R. Roberts, whose last known address was Camarillo and who owes $150,800 for the support of four children.

* Frances Quintana, of Oxnard, who owes $107,265 for three children.

* Pedro Flores Villarreal, of Santa Paula, $96,186 for four children.

* Jose Luis Leon, of Oxnard, $94,079 for three children.

* Timothy Steven Lewis, of Costa Mesa, $90,490 for three Ventura County children.

* Ray John Renteria, of Oxnard, $63,614 for four children.

* Richard Joseph Hernandez, of Oxnard, $45,643 for two children.

* Miguel Angel Guevara, of Piru, $40,598 for four children.


* Rodolfo Perez Garcia, of Oxnard, $38,454, for two children.

* Gabriel L. Alarcon, of Oxnard, $24,505 for two children.

* Kathleen Papuzza, of Ventura, $23,688 for two children.

* William Samuel Matuzak, of Simi Valley, $19,529 for one child.


In a statement, Dist. Atty. Michael D. Bradbury said the poster is intended to “make it clear that it is a crime for a parent to fail to support their children.”