New Shaving System: Gillette Co. has launched...

From Times Wire Reports

New Shaving System: Gillette Co. has launched SensorExcel, a new shaving system that has already been for sale in Europe and Canada.

The SensorExcel builds on the spring-mounted twin blade technology of the original Sensor with a skin guard made of five soft, flexible “microfins.” The fins touch the face before the blade and stretch the skin, causing beard hairs to spring up so they can be shaved more closely.

The new razor also has a larger lubricating strip and a handle designed for better grip and control, Gillette said.

Gillette said the new blades will fit on the original Sensor razor.

The SensorExcel shaving system, consisting of razor, organizer and two cartridges, will sell for about $3.99. The refill cartridges will sell for $4.49 for a five-pack and $8.49 for a 10-pack. Gillette said the prices are 15% higher than the Sensor prices.