ALHAMBRA: The Mark Keppel Adult Center is offering a free citizenship preparation class on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 beginning Nov. 14. Participants will have the chance to practice interview techniques as well as review the basic structure of government and major events in U.S. history. To register for the class call (818) 572-2209 or drop by the center at 501 East Hellman Ave.

POMONA: Cal Poly Pomona has formed a new institute that seeks to address issues of international education and global diversity. The Institute for Regional and International Studies, created by Prof. George Eisen, aims to coordinate teaching and research of various countries and their cultures, economies and political systems. In addition to offering seminars and study programs, the institute will serve as a think tank, conducting research and developing ties with other scholars and universities throughout the world.

POMONA: In response to landfills filling up in California, a Cal Poly Pomona professor has developed a compost project to demonstrate how green waste, such as cut grass, tree trimmings and leaves, can be recycled. Ed Barnes, a professor of horticulture and soil sciences, is using more than 500 tons of residential yard waste from Claremont in a compost project that supports several acres of gardens on the campus.

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