Orange County Almanac

Orange County's children are a more diverse group than the county as a whole.

According to county statistics, 64.5% of the county's residents are white. But of its 633,736 children, 51.7% are white, according to the group Children Now.

About 34% of county children are Latino, compared to 23% of the general population.

Orange County's Ethnicity White: 51.7% Black: 2% Asian / Other: 11.9% Latino: 34.45 Source: Children Now


The Placentia Chamber of Commerce's International Trade Committee will host a debate on "El Toro Airport: Benefit to International Trade?" starting at 5:15 p.m.

The discussion comes just before voters will decide on Measure A, the El Toro airport ballot measure. Barbara Lichman will speak in favor of the ballot measure while William Kogerman will speak against it. The free meeting will be at City Hall, 401 E. Chapman Ave. Reservations: (714) 528-1873.

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