David Crosby Gets Liver Transplant


Rock musician David Crosby was in critical but stable condition Sunday after undergoing a seven-hour liver transplant operation, said a spokesman for UCLA Medical Center.

“I was pleased with the way Mr. Crosby’s surgery proceeded,” said Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil, director of the Dumont-UCLA Liver Transplant Center and Crosby’s surgeon.

“As with all transplant patients, we will watch his progress closely for several days and I am optimistic that he will do well,” Busuttil said.


Crosby, 53, is a member of the seminal Crosby, Stills and Nash rock group, which formed shortly before the original Woodstock concert in the summer of 1969.

The trio also played at the 25th anniversary concert this past summer.

After years of success, Crosby, who struggled with drug addiction, hit a low point in 1985. He spent nearly a year behind bars in Texas in 1985 on drug and weapons charges.

He was hospitalized on Nov. 5 for liver failure. He recently experienced what was described as a moderate decline in his condition, and the call went out for donors to supply blood for the operation.