Police Arrest Man They Believe Was Shot by Boy : Crime: Suspect in Santa Ana shooting death of the boy's father had gone to a hospital for treatment. A second suspect is still sought.


A man who police said was wounded by a 13-year-old boy after shooting to death the youngster's father was arrested on suspicion of murder as he sought medical treatment at a hospital, officials said Thursday.

Jesus Manuel Barragan, 29, address unknown, underwent surgery at an undisclosed Orange County hospital for gunshot wounds to his mouth and eyes that he suffered during the shooting about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to Lt. David Petko.

Police had alerted Southern California-area hospitals to be on the lookout for anyone seeking emergency treatment for gunshot wounds, Petko said. Police were contacted by officials at a Sunland hospital after Barragan walked in for treatment nearly 2 1/2 hours after the shooting.

"It's our understanding that he showed up at that hospital with an injury from some type of small-arms fire," Petko said. "He was brought back into Orange County by police and is being treated at a hospital in this area."

According to police, a confrontation occurred after two men entered the home of Nectali G. Bravo, 43, in the 2000 block of South Artesia Street. During the confrontation, Bravo was shot to death. His son, who was not identified, grabbed a rifle and shot at the assailants more than 10 times as they fled in a car, Petko said.

The vehicle used by the men was later found abandoned two blocks away with bullet holes in the windshield and passenger window and blood splattered throughout the interior, Petko said.

Witnesses said they saw one of the two men leave the vehicle at Pacific and Edinger avenues and jump into a brown vehicle that sped away, Petko said.

On Thursday, a family spokesman said the Bravo family was too upset to comment on the case.

Police, however, praised the 13-year-old for his actions. No charges are being sought against him because he was defending his father, Petko said.

"From what I understand, the boy put up quite a fight," he said.

Police did not name the Orange County hospital where Barragan is being treated because they are still seeking his accomplice, Petko said. Barragan has refused to tell police his address.

"We do know that he was undergoing surgery," Petko said. "They said he was wounded in the mouth and that his face is a mess. He also has possible eye damage."

Meanwhile, neighbors in the quiet community where Bravo lived expressed surprise that gunmen would attempt to rob someone in their community and in the middle of the day.

One neighbor, Norman Mitchell, 71, a retired Tustin Unified School District audio technician, said he heard what sounded like machine-gun fire.

"But it was such a beautiful day and it was 12 o'clock that I didn't bother to call 911," Mitchell said. "The guns went off so fast and lasted so long, I thought it was someone working with a jack hammer, and if I had called police they might have thought that I was crazy or something."

Mitchell said he looked outside an hour later and saw police cars and was told not to go near the Bravo home because a shooting had just occurred.

Another neighbor, Rolando Espinoza, 52, said the gunfire was so loud and intense that"I thought I was back in 'Nam."

"This is weird, because if you ask me, (the gunmen) probably figured that nobody was home at that hour, that people are usually working and that the kids are in school," Espinoza said.

Neighbors said Bravo was a quiet man with a large family. They often would see him outside watering his lawn.

"He was always watering his grass," Espinoza said. "On our walks around the neighborhood he would always wave at us. He was a nice guy."

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