Two sold-out concerts in Holland--with headliners Bobbie Eakes (Macy Forrester) and Jeff Trachta (Thorne Forrester)--provided the footage for the concert tour of their characters that aired earlier this month on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

The musical extravaganza, which included the singing talents of John McCook (Eric Forrester) and Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra), took place in October in Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam.

Eakes explains how the whole idea came to pass:

“Before Jeff and I did the concert, it had already been decided to get Thorne and Macy involved as recording artists,” says the actress. “But until our producers, Brad Bell and Ron Weaver, came out and saw us perform in Holland, they weren’t exactly sure if or how they were going to use the footage. It all depended on how the concert went over.”


“They had no idea the excitement people have for what Jeff and I are doing in Holland,” she adds, noting that their first album, “Bold and the Beautiful Duets,” went double platinum in Europe. “They’d heard rumors about it, but until they saw it firsthand they really had no idea,” says Eakes.

What had transpired led to a story line that was quickly written to parallel Eakes’ and Trachta’s real-life musical success.

“Thorne and Macy’s first single was released in Europe and became a hit,” says Eakes. “And, of course, you always back up a No. 1 hit with a tour.”

According to Eakes, living that tour is an experience she will not soon forget.


“Jeff and I knew ahead of time that tickets were selling really well,” explains Eakes. “We’d done concerts in Europe before where we had even more people, but those were outdoor venues and cheaper tickets. We thought it would be tricky to sell tickets that ranged from $25 and $40.”

“Before we left for Holland, we learned we were sold out for both nights,” she continues. “Still, the pressure was not off. We knew we’d have a critical crowd and we wanted to be entertaining. In essence, it was even more crucial that we put on a great show. But the minute we got on stage we knew the audience was with us. They were singing along to every song. That’s when the relief came.”

For Eakes, the highlight of the event came during the first show.

“The audience basically interrupted us as we were getting ready to sing another song,” says the actress. “They wouldn’t let us go on. They all stood up and chanted ‘ole, ole.’ That is what they do when they’re showing their appreciation to an artist. It was amazing to have 10,000 people in an arena singing to us.”

While Eakes appreciated the massive attention and adoration bestowed upon her in Holland, she’s glad it doesn’t happen here.

“It’s amazing to think Jeff and I sold out two nights at this arena, when artists over here are going over and not selling,” says Eakes.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on CBS.