TIDBITS : Nutritious Dining for Single Appetites


You eat a light lunch and get home late from work. You’re tired and famished, so you grab dinner--cheese, crackers and a couple of glasses of wine. And since you live alone and nobody’s looking . . . well, what the heck, why not polish off the pint of Cherry Garcia?

Many people who live by themselves find it difficult to shop, cook and pay attention to good nutrition. As a result, they have the tendency to overeat. Here are some quick tips for healthier eating:

* Plan ahead. Do a weekly shopping trip.

* Have a snack late in the afternoon. If you eat lunch between noon and 1:30, no wonder you’re starving by dinner time. Eat a piece of fruit just before you leave work. Then you won’t walk in the house hungry enough to eat the rugs.


* Control portions of carryout and delivery food. Out of sight, out of mind. Before you eat the whole pizza, freeze half of it.

* Explore foods that are perfect for one serving.

* Eat breakfast for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with having cereal and fruit for dinner.