Who’s Who


Flash Carotene: The straight-laced carrot’s powerful eyes blast the enemy with a blinding beam. He’s the leader. He’s a thinker and a doer. He’s our kind of guy.

Blush the Tomato: A winsome lass with high levels of kindheartedness and Vitamin C, she hugs the good guys and wallops the bad. She’s an inspiration. Her navel shows.

The Kernel: Big, strapping, tall ear of corn whose powers are based on carbohydrates. When he struts into a room, the bad guys might as well give it up. The Kernel is also a hunk.


Silky Stalker: This lanky stalk of celery controls the enemy by fiddling with their adrenaline level. She induces a hypnotic state. She’s mysterious. She’s large-chested too.

Banana Bolt: A swashbuckler type. Low-keyed. Dangerous. Bolt’s mean potassium beam knocks the villains on their duffs by messing up their electrolytes.

Gash: Evil warlord from the Transverse Three dimension who’s out to enslave our dimension by undermining earthlings with drug-laced cigarettes. He is a bug-eyed purple creature.

Tony (the Fish) Scuingilli: White-haired gentleman in a suit. Looks clean but does Gash’s dirty work on Earth.