94: THE YEAR IN REVIEW : Valley arts and entertainment rebound after a shaky start : In With the New : Designs on Fame in TV, Films


Valley designers have been busy this fall building name recognition in the film and television world.

Among the designers profiled earlier this year is Maggie Barry, who, along with Ty Moore, designs urban street-wear fashion under the Van Buren label. The two have been selected to outfit daytime talk show host Maty Monfort of ABC’s “Mike and Maty.” Nominated for the 1994 California Designer of the Year award, the duo was also chosen to make over Tammy Faye Bakker, who recently was a guest on “Leeza,” Leeza Gibbons’ syndicated daytime talk show.

Barry enjoys outfitting Bakker and other “high-profile” women. “We appeal to the powerful,” she says.


Fellow designer Leslie Niskar of T. T. Mar has also been gaining recognition on the small screen. Niskar’s signature floaty print dresses attracted the interest of several television costumers when The Times’ story appeared. Her designs have been featured on ABC’s “My So-Called Life,” NBC’s “Seinfeld” and ABC’s “All-American Girl.” She also was a featured designer and showed her fashions in a style segment of “Good Morning Dallas,” a Texas talk show.

Says Niskar: “A lot of really exciting things have been happening this year, and we’re enjoying the attention.”