Assembly Leadership

Whether or not you agree that Bernie Richter (R-Chico) should be the new Speaker of the Assembly (Column Right, Jan. 10), the article points out the important aspects of a new leadership: bipartisan reform and stability.

Given that there are an equal number of votes for each party, the Assembly's new organization must be bipartisan. Neither side has earned the votes to singularly rule the Assembly and thus both should share the power. This is fair. Secondly, unless any agreement lasts for a significant amount of time, it will not be stable. Stability stems from duration, consistency and permanence.

The power-sharing concept as introduced by Assembly Democrats is the best idea so far. It splits the Assembly power evenly between the parties and it stays in place for two years. While some of the details of it have yet to be finalized, both sides should take the time now and put a successful bipartisan power-sharing agreement in place at once.


California School Employees Assn.

San Jose

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