Athletic Referendum to Be Presented to CSUN President


The Associated Students Finance Committee at Cal State Northridge has recommended that an athletic referendum to save football and three other sports be presented to university President Blenda J. Wilson.

The proposal, which calls for an increase in student fees of $27 a semester, would appear on the March ballot pending approval by Wilson and the Associated Students Senate.

Wilson is expected to formally announce her stance later this week.

The Senate will vote on the matter next Tuesday.


If the proposal is passed, football would be maintained, women’s soccer would be added and all other sports would be upgraded.

If the proposal is defeated, football would be eliminated. Women’s basketball, men’s swimming and soccer also would face elimination.

Should those sports be abolished, Northridge would field 14 teams, the minimum required by the NCAA for membership in Division I.

A study was conducted earlier this month to gauge the feelings of the student body on referendum options set forth by Wilson.


The options included a wide range of fee structures and some required a reduction in teams fielded.

After conducting the survey, the Associated Students submitted its findings to the finance committee, which endorsed the $27 increase.

“The students should have the loudest voice in this since they are the ones paying and we will support that,” said Ron Kopita, dean of students at Northridge.