LOLLA-POP: In the wake of Neil Young's...

LOLLA-POP: In the wake of Neil Young's withdrawal from his expected headlining role, many promoters and managers are questioning whether Lollapalooza can come up with a headliner able to fill the 15,000- to 30,000-capacity facilities that are planned for the concerts. And until they do, potential support acts are apparently reluctant to commit to the tour. Among those who have been offered slots but have not yet accepted are Hole and Cypress Hill.

One manager, who asked not to be named because he often works with Lollapalooza-related executives, even said the Young pull-out could be a death knell for the tour--at least for '95.

"I heard they may cancel the whole thing if they can't get a good headliner," the manager says. "It seems they have three options: They can either spend a ton of money to buy a headliner, go completely with unknown bands--which would be more like the original Lollapalooza--or simply wait until next year when they can put together a strong package."

Lollapalooza's Robinson insists there's no need for such dire talk.

"In past years the lineup didn't come together until April," she says. "There's no need for concern. It's going to be a great year."

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