Some of the key events Wednesday in the O.J. Simpson murder trial:

* SUMMARY: Superior Court Judge Lance A. Ito dismissed the fourth juror from the case, an African American courier from Long Beach who was replaced by a white woman from the San Gabriel Valley. In court, defense lawyers admitted that they had failed to turn over evidence in a timely way, but said their failure was a mistake, not an intent to defy Ito's orders. Prosecutors asked for serious sanctions against the defense but Ito did not rule on those requests.

* COMING UP: After a long interruption, housekeeper Rosa Lopez is scheduled to take the stand again this morning without the jury present. Simpson attorney Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. will finish his questioning first, followed by Deputy Dist. Atty. Christopher A. Darden, who will cross-examine her.

"If I have been in contempt of court, I will suffer appropriate sanctions."

--Robert L. Shapiro, accepting responsibility for the defense's failure to turn over material to prosecutors

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