Fred E. Jacob; Aviator Founded United Flying Octogenarians

Fred E. Jacob, 95, barnstorming pioneer pilot who started the United Flying Octogenarians (UFO) organization. Born in St. Johns, Mich., and educated at the University of Michigan, Jacob started flying in the 1920s. He later wrote a book about his adventures over the decades called "Takeoffs and Touchdowns." He served as a captain in the Army Air Corps during World War II, ferrying B-17s and B-24s to England and commanding the 310th Ferrying Squadron under his longtime friend Gen. Jimmy Doolittle. Jacob, who had lived in Glendale since 1933, operated Jacob Equipment Co., which installed refrigeration and shelving in supermarkets. He was adept at photography as well as flying, and photographed many U.S. presidents. On Feb. 23 in Glendale of heart failure.

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