Dodger Regulars Run Risk of Missing Their First Paycheck, O’Malley Says


Dodger President Peter O’Malley, disappointed and frustrated upon hearing the baseball talks have broken up, said Sunday night that players likely will miss their first paycheck if no agreement is reached within two weeks.

Although major league players are not scheduled to receive their first paycheck until April 15, O’Malley confirmed that players will not be paid if a settlement is not reached by March 20.

“We’re running out of time,” said O’Malley, who’s scheduled to arrive in Dodgertown tonight. “My goal has been to have a partnership with the players, but we’re running out of time for the major league players to be ready on opening day.”


“They have the right to strike, and we have the right to field a team. If they continue to strike, and the alternative is no baseball, we’ll continue to proceed with our plans for a team.”

The Dodgers, who beat Houston, 12-1, Sunday, are being criticized for their success. Yankee principal owner George Steinbrenner and Cincinnati Reds’ Manager Davey Johnson said the guaranteed minor-league contracts the Dodgers have provided replacement players gives them an edge.