LONG BEACH : Cable TV Show to Host Police, Gang Members

Gang members and city police will meet face to face on television Sunday as part of a local cable series exploring gang life in Long Beach.

The series was prompted partly by concern that various gang truces--including one between Latinos and Asians--may be fraying.

Long Beach gang investigators say they have broken up fights recently between Asians and Latinos, and among Asians. Police have made arrests and confiscated guns in a few instances, but say the recent trouble has not led to any homicides.

Sunday's live call-in show will air in Long Beach from 3 to 5 p.m. on CVI Cable channels 57 and 65. Viewers can call (310) 595-5228 to speak to the panel.

City Human Relations Commissioner Gloria McMillan organized the series for her weekly CVI Cable show "Perspectives With Gloria." She said Sunday's program will provide an opportunity for police and gang members to establish better relationships.

The series premiere two weeks ago allowed members to explain why they join gangs.

Tapes of the first segment are available at city libraries. Copies of Sunday's program will be available by the end of the month.

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