He Had a Nose for the Cameras

He got his nose bloodied, he got on TV and he got to celebrate with the Bruins after Tyus Edney's shot beat Missouri Sunday, so everything is fine with student assistant manager Rich Klinger.

Klinger said Monday that he didn't know a CBS camera focused on him late in the game, when he was slightly incapacitated.

"I had no idea I was on TV," Klinger said. "All I know is at the 4 1/2-minute mark, I went down to the end of the bench to blow my nose. It was dry up there, my nose started bleeding."

Trainer Tony Spino tended to him by putting cotton swabs into his nose, which Klinger was wearing during the celebration.

"I've got four phone calls, two e-mail messages and every person that I know that has watched that game has said, 'Oh, we saw you on TV, we thought it was great, it was hilarious and I haven't had that good a laugh in years,' " Klinger said.

"I'm not embarrassed at all. I think it was great. I found out from one of the cameramen up there, he told me I was on the TV, a media star. I said, 'Cool.' "

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