That's One Big Shot by Edney, One Giant Leap for the Bruins

In Missouri, he is no longer referred to as Tyus Edney. They now call him Beatus Edney.




Why UCLA will be champions of the NCAA tournament.

1. Tyus Edney's shot at the buzzer gave the Bruins 75 points to 74 for Missouri. 1975 was the last year the Bruins won it all.

2. Edney's No. 11 represents the Bruins' 11th national title.

3. The Bruins have never lost a tournament when they were ranked No. 1 going into the tournament.


Beverly Hills


It is unbelievable that the NCAA and Indiana University allow the reprehensible behavior of Bob Knight to continue unfettered. That this individual is permitted to work with young people makes this situation all the worse. I know of no one, in any profession, who is able to get away with publicly screaming obscenities and demeaning people. Anyone else would be immediately released from his employment and roundly criticized by his colleagues.


Los Angeles


Bob Knight is an ugly stain on college athletics and needs to be removed.


Los Angeles


Would someone please tell CBS that the NFL policy requiring a network to stay with a local team's telecast does not apply to the NCAA basketball tournament.

It was criminal the way CBS treated basketball fans (March 17) when it stayed with Utah (leading Long Beach State by 13 at the half) instead of switching to either North Carolina sweating out a tight win over Murray State, UMass locked in a tight game with St. Peter's, or Arkansas in a one-point thriller with Texas Southern.

That evening was even worse.

With the network finally making a right decision to show the regulation time close of Villanova and Old Dominion, we were treated to two exciting overtimes. However, when the third overtime started, CBS again switched and never returned, giving us the meaningless opening of UCLA against Florida International.

My wife is threatening to ban me from watching the rest of the tournament because she's afraid I'll have a heart attack ranting about the coverage.

P.S.: On Monday morning, my daughter said the Chicago papers were livid because that area did not get the finish of either Friday's Purdue thriller or Sunday's UCLA-Missouri buzzer-beater.


San Pedro


They never seem to get it, do they? Just who makes these idiotic decisions?

Remember when CBS used to hold up the NBA finals between the Lakers and Celtics, just to show the final holes of a boring golf tournament? Now they're going the other way, more than willing to cut to a lackluster event, probably because the ratings are good.

Maybe they should let ESPN televise the opening rounds of the NCAAs again. At least they know who their fans are.


Los Angeles

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