PLACENTIA : City Budget Shows Only Small Rise

The city's proposed budget for 1995-96 would keep the city's spending at almost the same level as last year, a budget study session this week indicated.

The budget would increase only $250,000 from last year's budget, to $23.4 million.

Revenue is expected to increase more than $3 million next year, to $24.2 million.

Sales tax revenue is expected to increase 4.4%, largely due to new ownership of a Jeep/Eagle dealership in the city. New housing developments are expected to generate 3.3% more property taxes. However, revenue to the city's general fund, or main operating budget, would have decreased without the onetime sale of vacant city property for $2.1 million.

Overall staffing levels would remain the same, with one position cut from the public works department and one added to the finance department.

While the city has recovered 77 cents on the dollar of its investments in the Orange County investment pool, it has cut money from its reserve accounts for several funds, including sewers and storm drains, City Administrator Robert D'Amato said.

Still, the city has restored several projects that were deferred last year due to the bond crisis. These include repairs and upgrades to benches, playground and picnic equipment at all city parks.

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