Kresser Stein Executive Leaving to Form Own Advertising Firm


A high-ranking executive with Kresser Stein Robaire is leaving the Santa Monica advertising agency, formed in a merger eight months ago.

Executive Vice President Hugh Duncan, 50, said Thursday that he is leaving to form his own firm, Duncan & Associates.

Duncan said he had joined Kresser Stein's predecessor agency, Kresser/Craig, with "the expectation of running the company," but "the division of labor didn't pan out to my expectations."

He declined to be more specific, but added: "There's no bitterness. I'm not leaving on a bad note."

Duncan's departure comes two weeks after the well-regarded creative team of Clay Williams and Chuck Bennett left the agency to join Chiat/Day. The two had been with the other agency involved in the October, 1994, merger, Stein Robaire Helm. Williams said Chiat/Day offered an opportunity to do more creative work.

The merger has been closely watched because it brought together two very different agencies. The smaller Stein Robaire Helm was known for its offbeat work, whereas Kresser/Craig was more conservative.

Chief Executive Bob Kresser said: "Whenever you have a merger, there is going to be some shake-out. As you define your vision and move toward it, some people are going to fall by the wayside."

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