Denmark Relinquishes Xsirius Presidency

<i> Compiled by Jack Searles</i>

Bernhardt Denmark, former chairman of Camarillo’s Advanced Photonix Inc., who recently resigned as an Advanced director, has also relinquished the presidency of another Camarillo firm that is one of Advanced’s major stockholders.

As was the case when Denmark gave up his seat on the Advanced board, no reason was given for his being replaced early this month as president of Xsirius Inc. It was announced, however, that Denmark will retain his posts as Xsirius’ chairman and chief executive.

James H. Gerberman, a former executive of Baker Hughes Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc., was named to succeed Denmark as Xsirius’ president. In his most recent job, Gerberman held key posts at the TN Technologies Inc. unit of Thermo Electron Corp. in Round Rock, Tex.

“The addition of Dr. Gerberman to head Xsirius’ management team at this time is crucial,” Denmark said in a statement. “He brings to Xsirius both the management and technical abilities necessary to bring our advanced technologies through the production and marketing phases of the company’s development.”


Advanced, a producer of photodetector devices and other electronic products, recently raised $3 million through the private sale of some of its stock. The money will be used to implement a strategic plan that includes marketing newly developed semiconductor chips, the company said.

Xsirius makes low-power miniature electronics units, power supplies and other products. It has developed a lead detector instrument, Lead Star, which it expects to gain a dominant position in a fast-growing market.