Magic, Big Cats and Feets of Skill at Circus

<i> Rose Apodaca Jones is a free-lance writer who regularly contributes to the Times Orange County Edition</i>

With too many subscribers to his Club Magazine at Metropolis on Sunday nights, promoter Joe Mozdzen has added Circus on Saturdays to spread the wealth. The response at its premiere last weekend was enthusiastic, to say the least.

Of course, the Gay Pride Festival going on across the street at UC Irvine didn’t hurt attendance.

Like Club Magazine, Circus courts a mostly gay clientele, which is supposed to spend more, tip better and be more loyal to its haunts, at least according to the club’s press release.

The Hanour brothers, who own Metropolis and the Shark Club, probably considered this detail when they decided to cater to this clientele on a Saturday night. Bold, yes; also brilliant. The energy overflowed here, making it an ideal dance spot for anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.


Though Circus is open to everyone, it’s a dude’s domain in terms of fashion, hairdos and attitude. It’s fairly casual for a Saturday night. But then again, it’s still summer.

The party gets going at 11ish, when the club becomes as thick as a subway at rush hour. It’s a circus, all right, and as the invites tease, “anything can happen under the big top.”

“Anything” includes Toth and Medden, whose act includes magic and big cats. Dressed in swashbuckling garb, they were on hand with a few tigers and a cameraman in the side room snapping shots of patrons willing to pose with them. Few did. Standing around staring at the young duo and their cats was apparently enough excitement. They’ll perform Sept. 30 at the Circus at 11 p.m.

By 10:30 or so, deejay Don Bishop of Boom Boom Room fame took over, joining in the pop disco stylings that deejay Steve Factor was already pushing in the main room. It was two rooms of dance, dance and more dance vibes blaring, keeping the packed house moving.


Topless male go-go dancers strut their stuff in the two rooms. There are enough bronzed pecs on them (and many patrons) to fill a Calvin Klein ad, and drive anyone to the gym.


Foot Note: This Sunday, Club Magazine will host a release party for Mark Lacey’s “Exhibition” video, described as an exploration of men and the masculine spirit. The cast will be there and Lacey, a Laguna Beach-based director of art videos, will premiere his video art installation, “Ritual,” at midnight. Also catch a fashion show and deejay L of club Submission. And if that isn’t enough, a television crew will be filming your every move all night.


* At Metropolis, 4255 Campus Drive, Irvine.

* (714) 751-1129 (hot line) or (714) 751-1146.

* Saturdays only, 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.

* Cover: $10.