COSTA MESA : City Sues Coastal Inn Owner Over $46,000 in Taxes

The city has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Coastal Inn motel alleging that he owes $46,000 in back taxes.

Assistant City Atty. Jerry Scheer said Wednesday that the motel’s owner, Suresh B. Sheth, was notified by mail that he owed the city thousands of dollars in hotel occupancy fees, the tax that the city adds to guest bills at hotels and motels.

When Sheth did not respond, Scheer said, city officials felt they had no alternative but to file suit.

Sheth could not be reached for comment Wednesday.


City officials said that Sheth has been cited hundreds of times for violations of local building codes.

The city has revoked Sheth’s license to operate the inn, but some units are still occupied. Furthermore, a fire earlier this week caused about $35,000 worth of damage.