Who Won What: The Winners on TV’s Annual Weekend of Awards

Here is the complete list of winners of the 47th annual nighttime Emmy Awards, as announced over the weekend by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

* Comedy series: “Frasier,” NBC.

* Drama series: “NYPD Blue,” ABC.

* Made for television movie: “Indictment: The McMartin Trial,” HBO.


* Miniseries: “Joseph,” TNT.

* Variety, music or comedy series: “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” NBC.

* Variety, music or comedy special: “Barbra Streisand The Concert,” HBO.

* Cultural program: “Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ With the New York City Opera,” PBS.


* Children’s program: “Going, Going, Almost Gone! Animals in Danger,” HBO.

* Informational series: “Baseball,” PBS; “TV Nation,” NBC.

* Informational special: “Taxicab Confessions,” HBO; “The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Presents: One Survivor Remembers,” HBO.

* Animated program (one hour or less): “The Simpsons,” Fox.


* Actor, comedy series: Kelsey Grammer, “Frasier,” NBC.

* Actor, drama series: Mandy Patinkin, “Chicago Hope,” CBS.

* Actor, miniseries or special: Raul Julia, “The Burning Season,” HBO.

* Actress, comedy series: Candice Bergen, “Murphy Brown,” CBS.


* Actress, drama series: Kathy Baker, “Picket Fences,” CBS.

* Actress, miniseries or special: Glenn Close, “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story,” NBC.

* Individual performance, variety or music program: Barbra Streisand, “Barbra Streisand The Concert,” HBO.

* Supporting actor, comedy series: David Hyde Pierce, “Frasier,” NBC.


* Supporting actor, drama series: Ray Walston, “Picket Fences,” CBS.

* Supporting actor, miniseries or special: Donald Sutherland, “Citizen X,” HBO.

* Supporting actress, comedy series: Christine Baranski, “Cybill,” CBS.

* Supporting actress, drama series: Julianna Margulies, “ER,” NBC.


* Supporting actress, miniseries or special: Judy Davis, “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story,” NBC; Shirley Knight, “Indictment: The McMartin Trial,” HBO.

* Guest actor, comedy series: Carl Reiner, “Mad About You,” NBC.

* Guest actor, drama series: Paul Winfield, “Picket Fences,” CBS.

* Guest actress, comedy series: Cyndi Lauper, “Mad About You,” NBC.


* Guest actress, drama series: Shirley Knight, “NYPD Blue,” ABC.

* Voice-over performance: Jonathan Katz, “Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist,” Comedy Central.

* Writing, comedy series: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano, “Frasier,” NBC.

* Writing, drama series: Lance A. Gentile, “ER,” NBC.


* Writing, variety or music program: Eddie Feldmann, Jeff Cesario, Ed Driscoll, David Feldman, Gregory Greenberg, Dennis Miller, Kevin Rooney, “Dennis Miller Live,” HBO.

* Writing, miniseries or special: Alison Cross, “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story,” NBC.

* Directing, drama series: Mimi Leder, “ER,” NBC.

* Directing, comedy series: David Lee, “Frasier,” NBC.


* Directing, variety or music program: Jeff Margolis, “The 67th Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

* Directing, miniseries or special: John Frankenheimer, “The Burning Season,” HBO.

* Editing, series (single-camera production): Randy Jon Morgan, Rick Tuber, “ER,” NBC.

* Editing, series (multi-camera production): Janet Ashikaga, “Seinfeld,” NBC.


* Editing, miniseries or special (single-camera production): Richard Harris, “Indictment: The McMartin Trial,” HBO.

* Editing, miniseries or special (multi-camera production): Jeff U’Ren, Ray Miller, “The Magic of David Copperfield XVI: Unexplained Forces,” CBS.

* Art direction, series: Garvin Eddy, Rochelle Moser, “Cybill,” CBS.

* Art direction, miniseries or special: Rodger Maus, Brian Ackland-Snow, Josie MacAvin, Joseph Litsch, “Scarlett,” CBS.


* Art direction, variety or music program: Kathleen Ankers, “Late Show With David Letterman,” CBS.

* Casting: Barbara Miller, John Levey, “ER,” NBC; Junie Lowry-Johnson, Alexa L. Fogle, Susan Bluestein, Donna Ekholdt, “NYPD Blue,” ABC.

* Choreography: Ulysses Dove, “Great Performances: Two by Dove,” PBS.

* Cinematography, series: Tim Suhrstedt, “Chicago Hope,” CBS.


* Cinematography, miniseries or special: Robert Primes, “My Antonia,” USA.

* Costuming, series: Brenda Cooper, “The Nanny,” CBS; Shelly Levine, Loree Parral, “Picket Fences,” CBS.

* Costume design, series: Madeleine Stewart, “Avonlea,” Disney.

* Costume design, miniseries or special: Julie Weiss, “A Woman of Independent Means,” NBC.


* Costume design, variety or music program: Bob Mackie, “Men, Movies and Carol,” CBS.

* Music direction: Marvin Hamlisch, “Barbra Streisand The Concert,” HBO.

* Music and lyrics: Marvin Hamlisch, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, “Barbra Streisand The Concert,” HBO.

* Music composition, series (dramatic underscore): Don Davis, “seaQuest DSV,” NBC.


* Music composition, miniseries or special (dramatic underscore): Laurence Rosenthal, “Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies,” Family.

* Main title theme music: Jerry Goldsmith, “Star Trek: Voyager,” UPN.

* Graphic design and title sequences: Billy Pittard, Suzanne Kiley, “ER,” NBC.

* Hairstyling, series: Karl Wesson, Kelly Kline, Deborah Holmes Dobson, Virginia Grobeson, Leslie Anne Anderson, Laura Connolly, Caryl Codon, Carol Pershing, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” CBS.


* Hairstyling, miniseries or special: Linda De Andrea, Tricia Cameron, “Scarlett,” CBS.

* Makeup, series: Michael Westmore, Camille Calvet, Dean Jones, Dean Gates, Karen Iverson, Scott Wheeler, Michael Key, Dave Quaschnick, Karen Westerfield, Gil Mosko, Thom Surprenant, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” syn.

* Makeup, miniseries or special: Kevin Haney, Beverley Schechtman, “The Show Formerly Known as the Martin Short Show,” NBC.

* Special visual effects: Kevin Pike, Michael Shea, Daniel Lombardo, Tim Landry, David Goldberg, “Earth 2,” NBC; Dan Curry, David Stipes, Michael Backauskas, Joe Bauer, Edward L. Williams, Scott Rader, Don R. Greenberg, Adam Howard, Don Lee, Robert Stromberg, John Parenteau, Joshua Rose, Josh Cushner, “Star Trek: Voyager,” UPN.


* Lighting direction (electronic), comedy series: Donald A. Morgan, “Home Improvement,” ABC; George Spiro Dibie, “Sister, Sister,” ABC.

* Lighting direction (electronic), drama series, variety series, miniseries, specials: Robert A. Dickinson, John Morgan, “The Magic of David Copperfield XVI: Unexplained Forces,” CBS.

* Sound editing, series: Walter Newman, John Bonds, Rick Camera, Steve Sax, John Reynolds, Catherine Flynn, Tom Harris, Susan Mick, “ER,” NBC.

* Sound editing, miniseries or special: Joseph A. Melody, G. Michael Graham, J. Michael Hooser, Mark Friedgen, Mark Steele, Rick Steele, Anton Holden, Bob Costanza, Mike Dickeson, Darren Wright, John Adams, Mark LaPointe, Rusty Tinsley, Tim Terusa, Rick Crampton, Gary Macheel, Scott Tinsley, Bill Bell, Allan K. Rosen, Patricia Von Arx, Tim Chilton, Jill Schachne, “OP Center,” NBC.


* Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Peter Damski, Marti D. Humphrey, Gary D. Rogers, John Bickelhaupt, “Mad About You,” NBC.

* Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Edward J. Greene, Bruce Jackson, Bob La Masney, “Barbra Streisand The Concert,” HBO.

* Sound mixing, drama series: Russell Fager, Michael E. Jiron, Allen L. Stone, Frank Jones, “ER,” NBC.

* Sound mixing, drama miniseries or special: David Brownlow, Patrick Cyccone, Edward Suski, James G. Williams, “Buffalo Girls,” CBS.


* Technical direction/camera/video, series: Steven Cimino, Michael Bennett, Carl Eckett, Jan Kasoff, John Pinto, Robert Reese, Gregory Aull, William Vaccaro, “Saturday Night Live,” NBC.

* Technical direction/camera/video, miniseries or special: Keith Winikoff, Dave Eastwood, Neal Gallagher, Bill Philbin, Hector Ramirez, Jim Scurti, “The Magic of David Copperfield XVI: Unexplained Forces,” CBS.

* Individual achievement, cultural programming: David Hinton (director), “Great Performances: Two by Dove,” PBS.

* Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award: Julius Barnathan.


* Engineering development: C-Cube Microsystems; Barber Technologies; Tascam, TEAC Professional Division; David Koo and Philips Laboratories.

* Syd Cassyd Founder’s Award: Larry Stewart.

* Governors Award: PBS.