Gallegly Immigration Views Are Laughable

* The recent article you featured on Congressman Gallegly was real comic relief. I had not had a good laugh in a long time and it gave me a chance to enjoy a real belly slapper.

In the article you stated that Gallegly was "threatening" Atty. Gen. Reno with hearings over the handling of illegal immigration. This is really funny. Janet Reno is about as afraid of Gallegly as I am of Big Bird.

Also, one might ask what Gallegly was doing in Florida investigating immigration policies there. In his own back yard there are enough human rights violations to keep six congressmen or congresswomen busy full time.

It is my feeling that as long as people like Gallegly have organizations like The Times to spread the myths about them they will continue to prosper, and those without a voice will have less and less attention paid to their plight.



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