INSIDE & OUT : At Your Leisure


Take your shoes off. Now close your eyes . . . lean back . . . and revive yourself in this red leather lounge by senior designer Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin, a leading furniture manufacturer based in High Point, N.C.

Part of Thayer Coggin’s 15-piece Design Classics collection, the chaise has brushed steel legs and sleek lines, a look that was popular in the United States and Europe in the late ‘60s and most of the ‘70s.

According to Baughman, who grew up in Long Beach, the chaise ($2,329) is “clearly minimalist, [yet] in form it isn’t cold, blunt or inelegant.”


The collection--which includes complementing tables, sectionals, sofas and chairs--is available at Moda Italia, 18582 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, (714) 963-6288.

Heavenly Glow

Divine inspiration isn’t all you can glean from the altar.

Italian architect Achille Castiglioni saw the light when designing the Brera lamp for Flos Inc.

Castiglioni was captivated by Piero Della Francesca’s Brera altarpiece, an early Renaissance religious work originally commissioned around 1475 by the Duke of Urbino. The lamp is his interpretation of the egg hanging above the heads of the Madonna and child.

The Brera is available as suspension and ceiling fixtures ($255-$290), wall-mounted pieces ($240-$270) and standing lamps in three sizes: 53 inches, 70 inches and 77 1/2 inches ($420-$470).

The oval glass diffuser glows from within using a standard 100-watt incandescent bulb. The stem and circular base are finished in baked anthracite gray enamel or polished chrome.

The Brera is available at Allied Lighting, 222 Victoria St., Costa Mesa, (714) 646-3737, and Light Adventure, 898 Production Place, Newport Beach, (714) 548-2131.


Legal Eagles

Are you having problems getting your neighbor to keep his dog out of your precious flower beds? Are you suffering the consequences of shoddy work by a contractor? Were you slapped with a lawsuit after your best friend’s baby slipped on your living-room rug?

To help homeowners understand their legal rights and responsibilities, “The American Bar Association Guide to Home Ownership: The Complete and Easy Guide to All the Laws Every Home Owner Should Know” (Times Books, $12) has user-friendly information on numerous issues, including taxes.

Written by a team of lawyers, the 193-page book offers advice on how to protect your home from fire, natural disasters, intruders and liability suits. In addition, the book explains how to choose a credible contractor. There is a section written especially for seniors.