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Going to Seed--If back-yard birding is your favorite armchair sport, you’ll want to participate in Sea & Sage Audubon’s annual bird seed sale.

Two types of bird seed are available. A premium wild bird seed mix contains white millet, red millet, milo, cracked corn and sunflower seeds. Cost for a 25-pound bag is $8; 50-pound bags cost $14. This seed is specially blended for Western songbirds, such as finches, towhees and mockingbirds.

A black oil sunflower seed is also being sold. It is the best all-around seed for attracting a wide variety of desirable birds, including doves, jays and wild parrots. Costs are $5 for a 5-pound bag, $14 for a 20-pound bag.


To order, specify which type of seed you prefer along with the quantity of bags desired. Send a check (payable to “Sea & Sage Audubon”) to: Bird Seed Sale, Sea & Sage Audubon, 3589 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92715.

Be sure to include your name, home address and phone number with your order. Orders must be prepaid and received by Oct. 16.

All seed must be picked up at the Audubon House in Irvine on Oct. 28, from noon to 4 p.m., or from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 29. Since seed is stored outside, all orders must be picked up during that weekend or risk weather damage.

Proceeds will be used to fund Sea & Sage’s countywide educational programs, which include tours of the Audubon House at San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh.

To reach the Audubon House, take the San Diego Freeway to the Jamboree Road exit south. Turn left at Michelson Drive, and then make a right at the second signal onto Irvine Ranch Water District property. Follow the paved road and Duck Club signs to the house.

Information: the Sea & Sage chapter office at (714) 261-7963.