Central Los Angeles : Vandals Destroy Toys, Damage Preschool Classroom

Vandals who broke into a Highland Park preschool classroom destroyed most of the children's instructional toys and furniture, and spray-painted swastikas on walls, doors and curtains.

The classroom's teacher discovered the damage Monday morning when she came to work--on a day the elementary school was closed because of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

School officials said that in addition to the swastikas, the vandals spray-painted odd words on the walls such as hamburgers , tacos and french fries . Nothing was stolen from the classroom.

"I don't connect it at all with the [Jewish] holiday because I don't think the perpetrators had knowledge of the holiday," said Marta G. Feinberg, principal at Annandale Elementary School. "I think that's giving them more credit than they should have."

Feinberg said the school had not been involved in any controversy that could explain the vandalism. The school's student population is 80% Latino.

"We are in the process now of cleaning up and getting things ready again," Feinberg said. "We could not have class today."

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