Westlake Village : Change Proposed in Seniors Taxi Service

Westlake Village is considering revamping the rules for its city-subsidized senior citizen taxi service for the convenience of riders.

Under current city policy, a rider taking an out-of-town trip to, say, Thousand Oaks, can only go to one location in that city. If a rider wants to go to another location, he must go home, then take another taxi back to the second location.

Under the proposed change, riders could travel from the first location to the second without having to return home again, said Assistant City Manager Mike Mathews. The proposed change, he said, came at the behest of a senior citizen rider.

The city, which contracts the service out to Thousand Oaks Cab Co., picks up a portion of the fare. Riders pay an average of 75 cents for a round trip.

The City Council will review a staff report on the matter at its meeting at 7:30 tonight at City Hall, 4373 Park Terrace Drive. No vote is scheduled.

Seniors would still be allowed to take 50 trips a year, Mathews said, and, as before, would have pay for any additional trips out of their own pockets.

The city's cost to subsidize the system has risen significantly over the years, according to city records. In July, 1986, the city spent $371.88. In July, 1995, it spent $3,459.

The city's portion is reimbursed from Proposition A funds, money set aside by the county for public transportation programs.

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