SOCIAL CLIMES : That's One Expensive Date George Hamilton's Got

Although we can't say anything charitable about some of the fashions at Operation USA's fund-raiser at the Beverly Hills Hotel (cat suit and fez with veil? Satin overall shorts with Pocahontas boots?) master of ceremonies George Hamilton looked gorgeous in a charcoal pin-stripe and blindingly white shirt setting off that perennial tan.

When asked which item up for auction he thought would fetch more--a day at the Playboy Mansion with Playmate of the Year Julie Cialini or dinner with lawyer Gloria Allred--Hamilton waffled. "That's a quinella. After you spend the day at the mansion, you'd probably want Gloria to represent you, so I'd buy both."

In fact, he purchased only one--the day with Cialini for $2,000.

Verdict Parties?: We know that few people wanted to watch the verdict alone. Safety in numbers is one thing, the madness of crowds another, but what to make of the associate who called on the eve of the verdict to cancel a 10 a.m. meeting, saying, "I'm sure you have verdict parties to go to, as well."

Actually, we weren't invited to any. Call it sour grapes, but that's one hangover we're ready to miss.

Illuminating: We here at Social Climes hate to tweak the women's movement, but . . . at last weekend's Pfish concert at the Greek, we spotted an Audi with a bumper sticker that read: "The Women Are Smarter."

To the vehicle's owner, whoever she / he may be, we have only this to say: You left your lights on.


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